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Black History Month: Musuem Guided Tour

Uncover Berlin's past this Black History Month and join us on a tour of Museum Treptow Köpenick.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Sterndamm


The location of Germany’s first permanent exhibition dedicated to colonialism, racism & black resistance. The Museum Treptow Köpenick is the first permanent exhibition on colonialism, racism and black resistance. This follows on from "the first German colonial exhibition", which was held in Berlin's Treptower Park from 1 May to 15 October 1896. Participants in the exhibition were recruited from the German colonies in accordance with a circular issued by the Reich Chancellor on 28 November 1894. In order to stage itself as a colonial power, the German Empire brought 106 people to be publicly displayed as "colonial subjects". Most of them signed labour contracts, but the exact circumstances are not known. Most of them do not seem to be aware that they are to be "exhibited" in Berlin. In the autumn of 1896, most of the participants returned to the colonies. More than 20 of them decide to stay in Berlin. In this guided tour you will learn who these people were individually and how they resisted these atrocities. P.S People of African descent have been living in Berlin for generations and have left their mark on its metropolis. Although it is unclear when black history actually began in Berlin, historical sources refer to an African named Ebnu from "Guinea" who was baptised on 17 June 1681 in Spandau with the name George Adolph Christiani. Free of charge: Donations are welcome

Bevorstehende Sessions


  • Museum Treptow, Sterndamm, Berlin, Deutschland

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